The art to produce wines

The Winery Mimmo Paone,was born in the 50'. The art of producing wine has become a tradition, from father to son, continues today and is enriched from year to year.
Managed by Mimmo Paone and his children, Fabio (technical director), Simone and Donatella (sales managers) offers a top level curriculum.

On the International markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Rep. , United Kingdom, America, China and Japan) since 15 years, occupies the small distribution segment with an annual production of about 300,000 bottles of  DOC and  IGT wines.
In fact,  its product portfolio includes wines that have created the history of Messina and Sicily, such as the Malvasia Delle Lipari DOC, the Faro DOC, Mamertino di  Milazzo DOC and  Nocera DOC, which are produced in its own vineyards of Castanea delle Furie (ME) and CondrĂ² ( ME).

To those who may want visit the company, we remember that from the point of view of landscape, the winery  is situated in an enchanting area. Take this opportunity to stay overnight in  company's apartments and go into yourself in a littlel paradise of taste.

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The Wines

Mimmo Paone's Company


Since three generations in winemaking, Mimmo Paone's company  is characterized by professionalism and attention to the quality of its wines.

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Quality and Made in Italy is the force that characterize the goodness of our wines. Check out the complete list.